How Coronavirus Made An Impact On Digital Marketing?

adopting digital workplace has become a new trend
Coronavirus is the biggest trend in Google right now. When each and every person is getting mentally as well as physically affected by it then why not digital marketing! In fact the best SEO Services in India are also at a halt to begin their journey. But not to worry, everything has a solution.

This pandemic has drastically changed the method of looking into any matter. People use to look at the digital world in a different perspective. But since its now almost half a year we are stuck let me tell you the ways it has affected the Digital World.

1. People are searching more information related to coronavirus in Google search engine. Thus Covid-19 is trending as the largest trend in Google search history. In fact there are few people who are looking for long tail keywords like :

• Top movies
• Best web series in OTT platforms
• Covid-19 centres near me
• How to deal in a pandemic?

2. While people are more at home and working from home, socializing with friends and families are just going through social media. Thus, the consumption of social media is at peak. According to a well-known magazine, there has been a hike of 29% in social media marketing till March 2020.

3. Many e-commerce sites have totally shifted their focus on delivering essential items. That definitely does not mean that they are not delivering non-essential items. Thus, the searches in e-commerce sites are mostly for essential items.

A lot is at stake for digital market in this scenario. There is nothing to panic! If you search for the best SEO services company in India, you can look forward at WebexCreation for a better result. The correct way to handle this situation is to observe the trends that are going on and follow the path. Note: Keep an eye on the covid-19 numbers and stay safe. Take all the necessary precautions.

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